Reasons College Is NOT The Only Option To Succeed

Does it feel like the only option to get ahead is a four year college degree? The reality is that a four year college education is not the only option, and it’s definitely not the best option for everyone.


College has become too expensive and time consuming. Our programs are only a fraction of the cost and take a fraction of the time, (not four years). You could be making more money in a new career than your friends who pay ten times more than that to get an expensive degree.


For a long time, professional programs were presented as inferior to a traditional four year college education. Well guess what - not anymore.


College used to be the only way to get a high paying job. The tide is turning and many people know that programs like ours can get you into a high-paying career way faster and way more affordable than a traditional college degree.


College doesn't always prepare you for jobs that are in demand. I’ve never struggled to find a job, but I can’t say the same for my friends who got college degrees. They spent a ton of money and time pursuing degrees and couldn’t even find a job after they graduated.


Sitting in a boring classroom all day is not for everyone. Well, it certainly wasn’t for me. If you want a rewarding career but don’t want to spend 4 years of your life in a classroom, then this might be the right choice for you.

You can start a new career without an expensive degree.

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